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What do you mean you want us to scan stuff?!?

As we transition all of our clients over to cloud platforms one of the common misconceptions that we see from clients is that it is going to take a lot more time on their end to get their documents into the cloud. A common phrase we hear is 'It's going to take us a lot of time to scan all that stuff.' Let's run through how using a cloud document sharing platform saves you, the business owner, time and therefore money.


No longer do you have to worry about getting your bank statements, cheque stub negatives etc and dropping them off. They will automatically download when they are available. This also applies to credit card statements, merchant statements and over 700+ (last I checked) vendors that are setup to also have documents automatically downloaded as soon as they are available. For you, the business owner, all you have to do is 'Set it and forget it'.


Get your vendors to e-mail you their invoices. That way you can review and forward to your unique e-mail address that we create for you. If you are really good with your e-mails setup an auto-forward. If you want to go waaay out there just setup your vendors to automatically e-mail their invoices straight into the Hubdoc. 'Set it and forget it'

Collecting vs RIGHT NOW!

With the mobile app you will not need to take the time to scan anything, even for those little annoying receipts that end up crumpled on the floor of your car. Let's say you didn't listen to Ron Popeil and didn't 'Set it and forget it' or you just NEEDED some of that Chalet Sauce, you don't need to take the receipt home and scan it, just snap a pic with your mobile app right there at the table. Heck, even if you decided you didn't want to put on pants that day but still needed that Chalet Sauce you can still just snap a quick pic of the receipt on your own table. No scanning needed.

It's a change in mindset but the small amounts of time you take using the methods above take far less time than all of the extra time and fuss spent collecting, organizing and dropping off your paper.

If you are currently struggling getting your documents into the cloud let's chat and improve your workflows.