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How to get the most out of your tech stack!

What is a tech stack you ask?

A tech stack is the term used to define the compilation of apps/programs that you use in your business. These can be both front-end (client/customer facing) or back-end (only used internally). It would also include any intermediary programs that link two others together. ^1

But there are so many!

In today's world, there is no shortage of apps telling us that they are the best, and how they can make our lives better. But how many apps do you need? And what processes do you need those apps for?

When evaluating the purchase of a potential new app, there are some steps we recommend you take first, and we've broken these down for you here.

GB Checklist

Take Inventory

Make a list of your current apps. What do you use them for? How well do you know them? Most likely your current tech stack has capabilities that you aren't using yet, or maybe you don't even know they have that functionality. ^2

Pain Points

The next step is to think about your business. Where are the pain points? What process, or what app ad, made you starting thinking about adding something new? Make a comprehensive list, and include details. ^2

Is it a manual or administrative task that takes up your time? Is it an issue of data consistency across your platforms? Does it fix a customer experience issue? Does it save you money?

Natural Fit?

Now that you have a better idea of your current tech stack, as well as your pain points, it's time to see if you can match-up any your current apps to solve some of your pain points. ^2

Start by getting a general feel of which app might help which pain category. Then reach out to your account manager, sales rep, or just the support line, for apps that you've matched. Get a refresher demo, and tell them what it is you're looking to solve with their program.

There is a good chance that you'll not only find that some of your pain points can be alleviated using apps you already use, but you might also find out your current apps have other capabilities you hadn't even thought of. ^2

More Value?

Like we mentioned above; you might find out that your current apps have functions you hadn't thought about. It may not be something that solves an issue per se, but it might help you add additional value to your customers. ^2 Perhaps you even realize that one of the apps you're using can solve something you are using multiple apps for. In which case, congrats! You just streamlined your tech stack instead of increasing it!

By making the most of the programs you are already paying for, you will get the biggest bang for your buck. ^2

What's next?

Well, what's left on your list? Did you solve all your pain points with your current apps, or are there still some items left? If they aren't all solved, then it's time to consider some new additions to your tech stack.

Keep in mind, there is a happy medium in regards to the speed of adding new apps, or even just adding new processes/functionalities for current apps. Don't go into work tomorrow and try to implement all these changes at once. Start with one or two new functions with apps you already have. Then while you and your team are adjusting to these new processes, take the time to research what new apps you might want to consider adding down the line. ^2


Not to brag, but we're kind of tech stack experts... Do you want to know what's common in your industry? Or how our team or our clients are liking a certain app?

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