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Cloud Service Packages and Add-ons

Choose a package, pick just add-ons, or customize a blend of your own.

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The Extra Set of Eyes

You do your bookkeeping, and we assist with any questions you might have.

  • Dedicated support channel, so you're never in the dark
Starting at$35/m
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Review and Filing

You do your bookkeeping, and we review and file your sales tax.

  • Everything from the Extra Set of Eyes +
  • Financial statement review
  • Sales tax filings (HST/GST/PST)
Starting at$95/m
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Expense Management

We take care of processing and recording expenses, and you make your payments.

  • Everything from Review and Filing +
  • Reconciliations
  • Recording all expenses
Starting at$195/m
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The Whole Bunch

We take care of everything for you. So you can focus on what you love.

  • Includes Everything from Expense Management +
  • We make your payments
  • Cash flow management
Starting at$395/m

*** Final pricing will be confirmed based on your specific service needs.

The add-ons

Only interested in add-ons? Select what works best for you

Start Up Services for New Business

Account set-up, liaison, guidance and support.

Technology Training

Software and application training, one on one or team based.

Tax Services

Tax preparation for sole proprietors and corporations (T2/T2125). Catch up Bookkeeping and Income Tax Filing


Payroll processing, direct deposit, employer and employee portal access, government remittance and payments, provincial workplace insurance, benefits, T4’s, ROE’s. We-process or You-process options.

Additional Services...

Cloud Conversion

Wondering if it’s time to move to the cloud?…the answer is YES! And you’ve come to the right place here... Read More Ever done something for the first time that was really scary, and then realized you actually loved it!?...ya, that’s what this is going to feel like. We’re pros at it. We’ll get you all set up with super easy-to-use tools that will provide you a much higher level of efficiency, anywhere/anytime/real-time info accessibility, and data security. We’ll take on as much as you want us to look after for you. And we’ll provide training that will ensure you and your team can begin enjoying all the benefits that your new cloud set-up will provide.


Do you want further insights into the financials of your business... Read Moreor are you wondering what tools/apps/softwares may help your operations…or perhaps you’ve hired your first employee…or maybe your CPA/tax accountant/lawyer is asking you for things that don’t seem to exist in any dictionary or online search. We do all those things really well! Let us show you how easy, effective, and affordable your solution can be. Project work, or ongoing services…the first step is connecting, then it gets easy from there!

Disaster Recovery

If you’re reading this, you may be in a situation that requires a very time-sensitive response... Read More a very critical action plan, very specific set of services, or a combination of some/all of these. Relax a bit, you’re in a good spot here; we specialize in exactly these types of issues, and we can help. We have an in-house credentialed Business Continuity Professional, and experience helping others recover from critical situations. Each issue is unique, please book a consult with us and we’ll quickly connect to get a solution started for you right away.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does GnarlyBooks service customers across Canada?

    Yes we definitely do! Our customers, and our own Team members are located all across Canada. With that said, we’re currently looking to add in a bilingual component to properly service our Gnarly friends in Quebec…stay tuned!

  • I’m not the most techy person so I’m not sure if I can do the cloud thing?

    You’ll impress yourself with what you’ll be doing and capable of…we’ll make it easy for you. Seriously :)

  • Is the cloud safe?

    Yes. After much research on that exact question, we moved to the cloud ourselves and have slept much better since.

  • Can I have anytime access to my information?

    Yes. We insist, it is your information. You’ll have your own secure info box accessed through our website portal where all your info can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

  • Am I locked into a contract?

    No. We create a proposal that outlines everything we mutually decide upon, we call it an engagement. Then we go till you say stop.

  • Are your process or tools proprietary?

    No. We’re transparent. We use proven industry tools, software, and applications that are readily available to anyone. No data or software conversions needed if ever you’d decide to leave.

  • I’m uncertain whether GnarlyBooks is actually professional enough for me…you come across a bit casual?

    Yes, and yes! Our Gnarly Team is highly professional, credentialed, and experienced, we’ve been awarded as the best in the biz; and we just happen to have a bit of a gnarly side that we decided not to hide.

  • What makes you different from other providers that seem to offer similar services?

    Years of industry experience, industry credentials and certifications, industry affiliations, national awards, etc. And we’re gnarly.

  • I don’t seem to see that you work with an app that I currently use, but can you?

    Yes! There are literally hundreds of apps and softwares that integrate, we’ve put just a few on our site. Our Tech Stack Architect specializes in pairing apps to your needs.

  • You don’t post a phone number, why?

    We tend to communicate virtually but do really appreciate a phone call too – let us know if you’d prefer a call and we’ll call you right back.