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Gnarly: gnarl·y /ˈnärlē/ Gnarly is when you’ve gone beyond radical, beyond extreme, it’s all out danger, and/or perfection, and/or skill, or all of that combined.

Meet your Gnarly Team

We've all got a bit of Gnarly in us. If you and your team are committed to being the best in your biz but can rock casual Fridays like no other, then you'll be glad to know we do's our Gnarly crew members who are ready to ride the wave with you.

Nominee for Practice Ignition's Top 50 Women In Accounting. Fitness enthusiast, sci-fi-ist, and animal lover…a rare trifecta that takes customer care to the next level.

Tara Walsh BSc.Agr, MSc

Director of Sales & Onboarding


Gnarly aim on the range. Would spoil Eastwood’s day in a draw. Bookkeeping at its absolute finest, with a Business Tax specialty on top.

Melissa Wilson CPB

Director of Bookkeeping

  • Accounting Diploma
  • Certified Professional Bookkeeper - IPBC

AKA Wilson!!!

20 years+ experience in Client Services, Operations & Project Management. Passionate Advocate of Healthy Eating and Daily Exercise. But still searching the world for the perfect cup of tea.

Crystal Smith MBA, CSC, BScH.

Director of Operations

  • Bachelor of Science & MBA Grad

AKA Crystal-Clear

Peter is licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in production, quality, engineering, finance, human resources, administration, product development and IT

Peter Khan MBA, P.Eng.

SRED expert

AKA Pete

Paul is a marketing and sales guy with 20 years’ experience working with Fortune 100s and is interested in providing accounts with top class service. He is fond of sports and coaches his kid’s teams. Go Raptors!

Paul Maingi MBA


AKA Pauli D

Always counting sleeps till the next travel destination. Nobody prepares and serves up a better set of books.

Tanya Batchelor


  • Tier 3 Candidate – Certified Professional Bookkeeper – IPBC
  • 25 Year Bookkeeping Veteran

AKA The Numberista

Part-time student George Brown accounting program. Ashley loves cats and crochets in her spare time. Recently crocheted a cat that she has named Sylvester.

Ashley Cadman


AKA Thread Head

Enjoys cheering on her beloved Toronto Blue Jays, spending time on the shores of Georgian Bay, and playing chauffeur to her three boys.

Catherine Greenwood-Grabas BA


Isabelle is bilingual and proficient in French. When away from work, she enjoys skiing and making crepes, but not at the same time.

Isabelle Young B.Comm


AKA Shredding Pow

Debbie has over 25 years experience in Accounting, Bookkeeping and Controllership roles. Nothing makes Debbie happier than cuddling her precious granddaughter Lyla.

Debra Board


AKA Debbie

Jodi has nineteen years of administrative and nine years of progressive bookkeeping experience which enables Jodi to keep businesses organized and on track with their finances to achieve their goals. A passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle gives her the energy to tackle any challenge life or business might throw her way!



AKA Joe-Dee

Lalita's passion is customer service with over 20 years of experience!



AKA La-Lita

Gnarly Charl(ie)(ey) represents who each of us is here at GnarlyBooks. Charl(ie)(ey) is drive, will-power, integrity, passion, confidence, and connection. At work. At home. Sound like someone you know too?

Gnarly Charl(ie)(ey)

A Bit of All of Us

  • Life Guru

At GnarlyBooks, we’re real people who work with businesses owned by real people. We hire people across Canada who are really really good at what they do, and truly love doing (and growing in) what they do. If it sounds like we’re talking about you, that’s Gnarly, email us at

Future Gnarly Team Member

You’re working with the best in the biz...

I am so impressed by the extreme high level of customer service that GnarlyBooks has provided me. I will be forever grateful! I look forward to growing my company with GnarlyBooks, I wouldn't be where I am today without them!

Tiffany & Nick Miller
Bamboo Hair Salon