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Token Creative Services

  • OwnershipCorporation
  • IndustryCreative
  • Scale1-10
  • StageExpanding
  • LocationOntario

The Need

Token is a progressive creative company offering services in web and graphic design, photography and videography, social and branding. Bookkeeping wasn't their focus. Like many growing businesses, focus was on what they do, their customers, and business development. This left little time for bookkeeping, but bookkeeping was beginning to take up more of their time. Old school shoebox filing, floormat expense management, paper cheque writing, and manual payroll calculations were constant pain points. They needed less time on that and more time developing their e-commerce strategy.

We knew we needed to do something about our bookkeeping...we weren't keeping up on that important and necessary part of our business. It was affecting our time, and directly affecting our bottom line. Bookkeeping wasn't what we do but we were trying to be bookkeepers...that made a bit more sense when we were thinking of opening our business but it certainly wasn't making sense now. We're a progressive company, we needed a progressive solution. A web search brought up a lot of options which didn't make our decision any easier. GnarlyBooks seemed to align with our company style and direction...and they even offered solutions that could help us in other areas of our business.

Moshan Abdullah,
CEO & Founder

The Gnarly Solution

Bookkeeping Workflow

  • Cloud accounting software
  • Electronic document upload/import system
  • Automated vendor payment system
  • Automated client payment collection and reconciliation
  • Automated payroll, direct deposit, portal paystub access

Value Added

  • Automated expense management
  • E-commerce integration
  • Secure anywhere anytime document portal

Gnarly Tech Stack Integration for Token Creative Services

The Result

Moshan and his Team are loving it. Their customers are happier too because they also benefit from the tools GnarlyBooks has implemented for Token. Their employees are enjoying direct deposit and online access to their own payroll records. On top, Token's focus is back where it should be...their time is spent growing their business, the e-commerce implementation has fast-tracked their growth. And they're even enjoying the occassional weekend off now. Gnarly!

I don't dread my books anymore, and I don't waste any more time on them. It's one of those 'wish we had done this sooner' things. I was surprised how quickly and easily we we're set up and running. I know exactly where my books are at anytime. I'm sleeping better, and even my car is cleaner without all those receipts in the cup holders lol. The GnarlyBooks crew feels like an extension of our Token need GnarlyBooks in your life!

Mohsan Abdullah,
CEO & Founder